we hope you found our presentation catchy enough to make you check out our projects. we don't have anything else to say at the moment, so if you have anything to ask us, write it down in a small peace of paper, roll it up, put it in a glass bottle and throw it to the ocean, or simply e-mail us (:\n\nwith love,\nyols stuff\n\nxoxo
hey there! ^-^\nwe are called the "yols stuff", and we are not really sure about what we are. if you want to join this journey to try to find more about us, click [[here|second step?]]. (:
okay, so we think we can say that we're a group of two young and dreamy boys who like to try out new things, let's say that we spend a lot of time doing useless stuff just for fun :3\n\nyeah, now it's time for you to know the meaning behind our name.\n[[hell yeah!|yols]]\n
"yols" is a lazy shortenned form for the expression "you only live seven (times)", since we indentify ourselves more with cats than with people, so "yolo" means absolutely nothing to us. also, this project is also about carpe diem, and to make you feel positive about things :3\n\n[[let's end this thing!|end]] :D\n\n
yols stuff n stuff
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